Walmart’s Determination to Launch Flipkart IPO: Expanding Stake and Future Plans

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Walmart, the retail giant, is making significant moves to strengthen its position in the Indian e-commerce market. The company has recently bought out hedge fund Tiger Global and venture capital firm Accel’s remaining stakes in Flipkart, a prominent Indian e-commerce startup. This strategic decision by Walmart demonstrates its determination to expand its stake in Flipkart and pave the way for a potential IPO. In this article, we will dive into the details of Walmart’s investment in Flipkart, the current valuation of the company, and its plans for the future.

Walmart’s Expansion of Stake in Flipkart

Walmart’s journey with Flipkart began in 2018 when it acquired a 77% stake in the Indian e-commerce firm for a staggering $16 billion, marking its largest investment to date. This move enabled Walmart to establish a strong presence in the Indian market and directly compete with its rival, Amazon. Over the years, Walmart has been gradually increasing its stake in Flipkart. In recent days, Walmart paid $1.4 billion to buy out Tiger Global’s remaining Flipkart shares, further expanding its ownership in the company.

Flipkart’s Valuation and Growth Trajectory

Flipkart has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the Indian startup ecosystem. The company’s innovative approach and strategic investments have propelled it to become one of India’s largest online marketplaces. In a funding round in 2021, Flipkart achieved a valuation of approximately $37.6 billion. However, internal assessments have since revised this valuation to around $35 billion following the separation of payments startup PhonePe from Flipkart.

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Despite this adjustment, Flipkart has exhibited remarkable growth and potential. It has successfully tapped into the vast consumer base in small towns and cities, differentiating itself from its urban-focused competitor, Amazon. Flipkart’s product offerings span a wide range of categories, including consumer electronics, fashion, groceries, and home essentials. The company’s diversification strategies have helped it cater to diverse customer needs and drive substantial sales growth.

Walmart’s Confidence in Flipkart’s Future

Walmart remains steadfast in its belief in the future of Flipkart and the immense opportunities presented by the Indian market. A spokesperson for Walmart expressed confidence in Flipkart’s potential and highlighted their positive outlook on the current state of affairs in India. This reaffirms Walmart’s commitment to support Flipkart’s growth and further solidifies its position in the Indian e-commerce landscape.

Flipkart’s Funding Requirements and Walmart’s Role

As Flipkart continues to expand and evolve, it requires substantial funding to fuel its ambitious growth plans. The capital raised by Flipkart in 2021 has been largely depleted, prompting the need for another round of funding. While Flipkart has explored market interest in recent months, it has yet to secure a deal due to lower valuation expectations. In light of this, it is highly likely that Flipkart will turn to Walmart to secure the majority of the financing required for its next funding round.

The Potential Flipkart IPO

Walmart’s increased stake in Flipkart and its ongoing support for the company’s growth raise speculation about a potential Flipkart IPO in the future. Going public would allow Flipkart to access additional capital and provide an opportunity for investors to participate in its success. However, no official announcement regarding an IPO has been made at this stage. Nevertheless, Walmart’s determination to expand its stake in Flipkart and its positive outlook on the Indian market suggest that an IPO could be on the horizon.

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Flipkart’s Impact on Walmart’s International Strategy

Flipkart’s significant contributions to Walmart’s international strategy cannot be understated. Executives at Walmart have identified Flipkart as a key driver in achieving the company’s goal of doubling the gross merchandise volume it sells in foreign markets to $200 billion within five years. This highlights the crucial role that Flipkart plays in Walmart’s overall growth strategy and its potential as a major revenue generator outside of its home market.


Walmart’s continued investment in Flipkart demonstrates its determination to solidify its position in the Indian e-commerce market and capitalize on the vast opportunities it presents. By buying out Tiger Global’s remaining stake, Walmart has further expanded its ownership in Flipkart, paving the way for a potential IPO. Flipkart’s impressive growth trajectory and strategic positioning in the Indian market make it an invaluable asset for Walmart’s international expansion plans. As Flipkart explores new funding options and potential IPO prospects, the future looks promising for both Walmart and Flipkart in their pursuit of continued success in the Indian e-commerce landscape.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on public sources and is for informational purposes only. The accuracy and completeness of the information are not guaranteed. Readers should conduct their own research and analysis before making any investment or business decisions.

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