Cops Called On Boy Selling ‘Ice Cold Beer’, Burst Out Laughing When They Look Closer At Sign

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In the world of entrepreneurship, there are some kids who possess an exceptional combination of brilliant ideas and a strong work ethic. These young minds are always on the lookout for innovative ways to make a little extra cash. One such child is 11-year-old Seth from Utah, who has created quite a buzz in his neighborhood with his ingenious business venture. While most kids his age are setting up lemonade stands or mowing lawns, Seth decided to take a different approach, and his unique marketing strategy has captured the attention of both his neighbors and the local police.

A Hilarious Twist on Beverage Sales

Seth’s business venture began when he built a stand along the roadside in Brigham City, Utah. However, instead of offering the traditional lemonade or soda, Seth had a clever twist in mind. He boldly displayed a sign that read “Ice cold beer,” which immediately caught the attention of passersby. Little did they know, Seth wasn’t selling actual alcoholic beverages; his advertising had a humorous and clever twist.

The Misunderstanding and Police Intervention

As word spread about the young entrepreneur selling “beer,” a couple of concerned neighbors decided to take action and called the police. Worried about the potential sale of alcohol to minors, the police wasted no time in investigating the situation. However, upon arriving at Seth’s stand, they quickly realized that there was no need for concern – Seth wasn’t breaking any laws. In fact, his sign had a subtle but important detail that prevented any misunderstanding.

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The Ingenious Marketing Strategy Revealed

Upon closer inspection, it became evident that Seth’s sign was not deceptive in the slightest. The word “root” was cleverly written in green, but in a small font that could easily be overlooked. The sign actually read “Ice cold root beer,” a harmless and legal beverage option. Seth had managed to create an attention-grabbing marketing campaign while staying well within the boundaries of the law.

The Brigham City Police Department’s Response

Rather than reprimanding Seth for his unconventional marketing tactics, the Brigham City Police Department recognized his ingenuity and regarded it as an excellent marketing strategy. They were genuinely impressed with the success of his business venture, acknowledging that not many kids could achieve such remarkable results. The police even shared a laugh with Seth about the misunderstanding, appreciating the humor behind his creative approach.

The Power of Social Media

Word of Seth’s unique business spread quickly on social media platforms, garnering attention and support from people all over the internet. Many individuals praised Seth’s entrepreneurial spirit and hailed him as a future marketing expert. Facebook users expressed admiration for his ability to capture the public’s attention and commended him for his hard work and clean presentation. The Brigham City Police Department also received praise for their positive response and support of the young entrepreneur.

A Lesson in Understanding

While some individuals criticized the neighbors who called the police, the Brigham City Police Department defended their actions, stating that citizens should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to report what they perceive as suspicious circumstances. They emphasized that no harm was done, and everyone involved could appreciate the humorous situation that unfolded.

The Police Officers’ Support

Not only did the police officers handle the situation admirably, but some of them also went a step further by purchasing bottles of root beer from Seth’s stand. It was difficult to resist the charm and enthusiasm of the young entrepreneur, especially considering that each bottle was priced at just $1. The support and encouragement from the police officers undoubtedly boosted Seth’s confidence and reinforced his belief in the success of his business venture.

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A Bright Future for a Young Entrepreneur

Seth’s story serves as a testament to the power of thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to everyday challenges. While many children opt for traditional methods of earning money, Seth demonstrated that a clever twist can make a significant difference. His ability to capture attention and generate interest in his product at such a young age is truly remarkable. It will be exciting to see what other innovative ideas Seth brings to the table in the future.


In a world where entrepreneurial spirit knows no age limits, Seth stands out as a shining example of a young mind with boundless creativity and ambition. His unconventional marketing strategy, disguised as an “ice cold beer” stand, captured the attention of his community and even the local police. Rather than reprimanding him, the police recognized Seth’s ingenuity and supported his business venture. With the power of social media, Seth’s story reached an even broader audience, inspiring others and showcasing the potential of young entrepreneurs. Seth’s journey demonstrates that with a little creativity and outside-the-box thinking, anyone, regardless of age, can make a significant impact in the business world.

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